Eoghan McDowell



Plethysm, the inverse Schur functor, and other connections between representation theory and combinatorics

PhDs and Postdocs in Representation Theory, RWTH Aachen, 28 Jan 2021 (slides)

The image of the Specht module under the inverse Schur functor

Young Algebraists' Conference 2021, EPFL, 6 Sep 2021

RepNet Virtual Seminar, 13 Jan 2021 (slides, video)

Postgraduate Group Theory Conference [postponed from] 2020, University of Southampton, 13 Jan 2021

University of Oxford Junior Algebra and Representation Theory Seminar, 6 Nov 2020

University of Cambridge Algebra and Representation Theory Seminar, 4 Nov 2020

University of York Algebra Seminar, 23 Oct 2020

OIST Representation Theory Seminar, 13 Oct 2020 (video)

Counting paths in lattices to obtain symmetric polynomial identities

University of Kent SMSAS Postgraduate Seminar, 20 Nov 2020

Maynooth University Mathematics & Statistics Colloquium, 18 Nov 2020 (slides)

RHUL Pure Mathematics Seminar, 10 June 2020

Clebsch–Gordan rule for SL2(𝔽p) in characteristic p

Postgraduate Group Theory Conference 2019, University of Birmingham, 23 July 2019