Eoghan McDowell



  1. Spin characters of the symmetric group which are proportional to linear characters in characteristic 2

    With Matthew Fayers.
  2. Characters and spin characters of alternating and symmetric groups determined by values on l'-classes

    Arkiv för Matematik 62(1) (June 2024), pp. 127–146. doi:10.4310/ARKIV.2024.v62.n1.a7
  3. Large p-core p'-partitions and walks on the additive residue graph

    Annals of Combinatorics 27 (December 2023), pp. 857–871. doi:10.1007/s00026-022-00622-2.
    arXiv:2207.01824. Journal version freely available at rdcu.be/c0sGO.
    Python code for finding largest p-core p'-partitions.
  4. Flagged Schur polynomial duality via a lattice path bijection

    Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 30(1) (January 2023), P1.5. doi:10.37236/11200.
  5. Modular plethystic isomorphisms for two-dimensional linear groups

    With Mark Wildon.
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  6. A random walk on the indecomposable summands of tensor products of modular representations of SL2(𝔽p)

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  7. The image of the Specht module under the inverse Schur functor in arbitrary characteristic

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PhD Thesis

Representations of the general linear group with multilinear constructions